Wildlife Film Course

Aspire to Become a
Wildlife Filmmaker?

At Too Wild, we transform your passion for nature into cinematic art. Join us in the heart of South Africa’s Greater Kruger National Park for a unique 4-week course where you’ll learn to capture the wild as never before. 

Wild Filmmaking Course

Embark on a 4-week journey to master the art of capturing the wild like never before!

A South African First

A South African First

South Africa’s first immersive wildlife filmmaking course

South Africa’s first immersive wildlife filmmaking course

Wildlife Filmmaking

Create your own Wild Story

Based in the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa, you will live in the heart of the African wild for 4 weeks. You will be mentored by industry professionals including naturalists, trackers, impact producers, cinematographers and natural history editors to help you create your own story.

Whats Included in the Wildlife Film Course

Immersive Wilderness Classroom

Dive into filmmaking in the Timbavati Game Reserve, surrounded by the untamed beauty of South Africa’s wildlife. Learn in a setting where nature is your studio and adventure is part of the curriculum.

Hands-On Guidance

Benefit from personalized mentoring and hands-on training from experienced filmmakers and naturalists. Our tailored approach helps you hone your craft in real-world settings.

Community Connection

Join a vibrant community of wildlife enthusiasts and aspiring filmmakers. Share your experiences, collaborate on projects, and build lasting relationships within the Too Wild Network.

Capture the beautiful wildlife






Worked With

Capturing The Wild

Join our Wildlife Film Course

Our mentors embody the philosophy that great wildlife filmmaking requires more than just technical knowledge. To create impactful stories, one must understand the natural world around them and the foundations of researching a story through to post-production. Renowned guest speakers from the wildlife documentary industry and our post-production partner will host workshops throughout the course.



Learn to film wildlife to industry standards whilst discovering your creative flair. Learn the technical skills to create captivating sequences and become confident in operating equipment safely and ethically in the wild.

Impact Producing

Impact Producing

Learn how to use stories as tools to create social, behavioural and environmental change. Focus on the ethics in wildlife filmmaking; how far do you go to get that shot? Understand the responsibility you have as a wildlife filmmaker.



Learn how to manage your data, the very foundation of starting to put together a documentary. Learn to creatively weave picture, sound and words to move in harmony. Build sequences and timelines using editing software and ultimately, learn to shoot for the edit.



Learn the foundations of animal behaviour, exploring ecological concepts which will change how you think about the natural world. Learn to read tracks and signs of the wild for more immersive storytelling. Dive into the sensory world to change the way we look, smell, hear, taste and feel.

Travel Checklist


1 month prior to departure

  • Book international flights to Johannesburg (JNB)
  • Ensure your passport has at least two blank pages and is valid for six months after your arrival date
  • Check if you need a visa for South Africa. Many countries get a visa on arrival but you must check incase you are required to have one
  • Book your journey to Hoedspruit either via road transfer or domestic flight
  • Submit the Too Wild indemnity form
  • Confirm travel insurance including cancel-for-any-reason coverage


2-3 weeks prior to departure

  • Download the packing list and go shopping!
  • Check which South African season you will be arriving in and pack for all weather. We suggest packing layers
  • Be sure you have informed the Too Wild team of any allergies and special dietary requirements
  • Join the Too Wild WhatsApp group


2-3 days prior to departure

  • Check your baggage weight including hand luggage, especially for the domestic flight
  • Ensure to arrange local cash (ZAR) for tips, tolls and emergencies
  • Let your bank know you are traveling to South Africa if you are coming from overseas


It's finally departure day

  • Ensure you have packed everything you need
  • Get ready for the experience of a lifetime!
Too Wild located in South Africa

Where we Are

Based within the Greater Kruger National Park, the Timbavati Game Reserve is home not only to the Big 5 wild animals but an abundance of fauna and flora. The closest town is Hoedspruit, a short flight from Johannesburg.

Too Wild Location in Timbavati

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein

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